Programming has been my passion since I was young. As a child growing up during the start of the video game era, I was captivated by the endless possibilities that could be achieved through coding. This revolutionary time sparked my interest, and I began my journey as a home programmer. Over the years, I have honed my skills, transitioning into a career in the industry and continuing to grow my knowledge.

As a software developer, I thrive on using my expertise in designing custom projects and refining existing programs to optimize their functionality. Moreover, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, serving as a trainer to help my colleagues develop their skills.

Despite having worked in the field for over two decades, my passion for programming remains as strong as ever. In my spare time, I enjoy pursuing my interests by writing video games and participating in the Indie Game Dev community.

Skills and Specialisms

Software Engineer | Developer | Applications Engineer | Internet Applications Developer | MCPS – Microsoft Certified Professional | Microsoft: Programming in C# | C# .NET Framework 4 | XNA | MonoGame | React | T-SQL | C++ | ASP Classic | ASP.NET | PHP | HTML 5 & CSS3 | JavaScript | Typescript | Windows | Linux | IIS | Apache | PC Building/Support | Network Programming | Windows Forms | Windows Services | Siemens WinCC 7.x | Simatic IT 6.5/7.0 | Simatic IT UADM 1.1 | Preactor

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