MonoGame – Tutorial 1 – Fonts

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To get started with making games it’s often a good idea to be able to write out debug messages while you’re working on your game even if that’s just the current FPS. MonoGame doesn’t allow you to use the system fonts on the computer the game is running on you need to provide your own….

Bootstrapping your new game project

When you’re just starting out with MonoGame programming on Linux it can be quite daunting especially if you’ve only ever used Visual Studio to create your projects, in this post I will give you a script that will get your project started so you can stop worrying about setting up your project and just get…

How to start game development in Linux using MonoGame

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Getting set up with Mono Game is as easy as running a script thanks to Kwyrky To make it as easy as possible to install MonoGame on Linux and to have content building work right from the start. This will work on any Debian based Linux Distribution so Ubuntu and Mint are definitely going to…

02 – MonoMine

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This month’s contribution to my One Game a Month 2022 challenge is MonoMine a quick copy of the windows classic. This month I put a little more effort into this because this game actually has game states like win and lose and actually gives some instruction to the player at the end of the game….

01 – Slider

In 2022 I’m challenging myself to produce One Game A Month. For January I made a sliding block puzzle game to ease back into things. Written using MonoGame on my Linux box mostly to prove that I could produce games for both Windows and Linux.