MonoTris - 2022-04-24

In 2022 I challenged myself to produce One Game A Month.

A Tetris clone, Move block with arrow Keys, Up to Rotate, Down to speed up the drop.

MonoMine - 2022-02-26

In 2022 I challenged myself to produce One Game A Month.

February’s contribution to my One Game a Month 2022 challenge is MonoMine a quick copy of the windows classic.

This month I put a little more effort into this because this game actually has game states like win and lose and actually gives some instruction to the player at the end of the game.

With such amazing Special effects as text with drop shadowing and on the end screen if you placed a flag correctly on a mine it’ll be coloured green and if not it’ll be coloured a burnt orange.

Slider - 2022-01-24

In 2022 I challenged myself to produce One Game A Month.

For January I made a sliding block puzzle game to ease back into things.

Written using MonoGame on my Linux box mostly to prove that I could produce games for both Windows and Linux.

Deck of the Damned - 2013-06-30

Deck of the Damned is a Creepy little Solitaire game where you have to enter Dracula’s mansion and play this scary little number, it’s an old favourite.

Deal the deck and then put all of the card types into piles, starting with an Ace and ending with a king in numerical order.

Keep your eye open for the Ghost of the deck she’s one scary woman.

Mort’s Monster Smash - 2013-05-31

Our regular characters from Halloween Defense are back in a fun little match 3 game.

The monsters have been caught and are being held in glass jars. Your job is to match up 3 or more of these guys to release them from their glass prisons.

You have to be quick though because if you don’t clear these monsters from their glass jars quick enough and they reach the top then it’s game over.

Bedlam Breakout - 2013-04-30

Bedlam Breakout is a Breakout/Arkanoid style game set in an Insane Asylum.

You have to find the key that is in the last level to help the woman escape from the asylum. Play through 15 levels collecting keys as you go.

While you are hitting those bricks there will be some power-ups and downs that you can catch, like Superball which will plough through all the bricks until the timer runs out.

You start out with 3 lives and can catch a falling heart to get more. Once you lose all your lives it’s game over and the woman has to stay in Bedlam forever.

Colony Defense - 2013-03-31

Colony Defense is a simple tower defense game. It is set on the moon and you have to protect your base from alien blobs.

There are 4 types of towers and 3 creeps. The tower types are gun, flame, freeze and laser. The Creep types are normal, fast and strong.

the music by FoxSynergy is the best part of this game.

Dodge - 2013-02-28

Dodge is a turn-based puzzle game that I have released in various forms since 1992 and have finally got around to releasing an up to date version.

In the game, you are a little guy who is being chased by creeps. The idea is to kill all these creeps either by getting them to walk on a landmine or getting trampled by the Grim Reaper which turns up on Level 10. You can move in any inter-cardinal direction, warp to a random free square or standstill. Control by using the numeric keypad or the onscreen arrows.

Halloween Defense - 2013-01-31

Help save Halloween from the pesky kids in this tower defense game.

From the graveyard of the mummy to the forest of the witch, the Halloween monsters are here to help vanquish these horrible kids. A new and addictive tower defence game for the young and the old.

Fresh interesting graphics which are all based on Halloween. It’s fun so how about giving it a go.