Welcome to mort8088.com, my Internet frontpage. I try my best to make sure that the discussions on my posts are troll, spam and abuse free but I’m not omnipresent. The comment section can be a great place for interaction with readers and even for spawning stimulating conversation – it can be a great place for all of us!

To ensure that we all have a good time here, please make sure to stick to the following guidelines:

  • Be polite – don’t be rude to anyone and respect others. If something you would say would get you bottled in the face offline, please don’t say it here. Remember there is a person behind the screen and that your words affect people.
  • Don’t troll. We appreciate and welcome criticism here, but comments that add no value to the discussion or that are merely insulting will be deleted without exception.
  • Spam? Goodbye. We understand that you may make thousands working from home, however, we are not interested. Please refrain from posting or we’ll give you a hand and show both you and your post the door.

To put it in a simple sentence, my guidelines boil down to “Don’t be a dick”. If you don’t follow any of these guidelines, not only will I remove the comment but I may also ban you from participating in discussions.

If you find any comments which violate my guidelines, please make sure to ‘flag’ or ‘mark as spam’ – highly appreciate your support!

Happy commenting!