Bootstrapping your new game project

When you’re just starting out with MonoGame programming on Linux it can be quite daunting especially if you’ve only ever used Visual Studio to create your projects, in this post I will give you a script that will get your project started so you can stop worrying about setting up your project and just get…

How to start game development in Linux using MonoGame

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Getting set up with Mono Game is as easy as running a script thanks to Kwyrky To make it as easy as possible to install MonoGame on Linux and to have content building work right from the start. This will work on any Debian based Linux Distribution so Ubuntu and Mint are definitely going to…

System update script

Most Debian based Linux users will just tell you It’s simple just type “sudo apt update | sudo apt upgrade” But at some point you’re going to want to clean up your package manager or do a full system update and what about FlatPak update?