For the past few weekends, I’ve been working on a series of posts based on my attempts to build a homelab. Since this will be evergreen content, I’m putting the posts out in a project collection that will be accessible from the top menu.

In other news, I had my Cardioversion procedure this week, which apparently went well. Starting next week, I should be trying to do some light exercise to help strengthen my heart and maintain the new sinus rhythm. I’m also hoping that this will feed into my continued efforts to lose weight.

I’ve finally ordered a book to read. I’ve been reading Cory Doctorow’s “” blog, and he’s been serializing the first chapter of his next book, “Red Team Blues.” I think it might be a good read, as it’s certainly written in a way that I can manage, having gotten out of the habit of reading regularly. I’m hoping I can get back into it. With that in mind, I’ve set myself the goal of reading three books by the end of the year. For each one, I’ll continue my aspiration of writing more for the blog by doing a book report on it.