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XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 6 – Spritesheet object

Using a variable per image is fine when you're looking at the XNA samples, but what happens when you're working on a project with 100+ images? One of my projects has over 3 thousand sprites & textures that's a whole lot of variables to keep track of, so I need something that'll make the job as easy as possible.


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 5 – Manual Blank Texture

Originally posted 2010 - I wanted a way to get around having to include a 5x5 white texture to my content pipeline, and seeing as I use them in every project I start, I looked around and found this code snippet.


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 2 – Sprites

Originally posted 2009 - Drawing a single static sprite on screen, also covered is adding existing files to the content pipeline. I've updated things to reflect using VS-2010 and XNA 4.0