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XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 4 – SpriteBatch Extended

Originally Posted 2010 - A class that inherits from SpriteBatch that will add a method of writing out strings of text with Xbox controller buttons embedded into the text.

I originally got this code from George Clingerman and his post titled "It's a Control Thing (XNA 3.0 BETA)". I had to hack it about and now it's a SpriteBach Extender, So check it out.


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 1 – Fonts

Originally posted 2009 - An XNA take on the old “Hello World!” code, nothing too dificult about it but it does cover adding and loading our first bit of content and the first output on screen. I've updated things to reflect using VS-2010 and XNA 4.0


Tweaked – “Draw Horizontally Centered Text in XNA”

Originally Posted 2009

OK I was doing my usual potter around the net tonight when I found "Draw Horizontally Centered Text in XNA" and thought I have to tweak this...


XNA – FPS Drawable Game Component

Originally posted 2007 - Updated for XNA 4.0

A quick and useful component that displays the number of calls to the Draw method in your game.