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MDX 9 – Tutorial 3

Originally Posted 2006

Background Music

Right so we've covered Sound-FX in the Last Tutorial is Time we're going to cover the area so often missed in Game tutorials, The Background music. This might not sound like a big deal but if you like me keep the background music on, it can add to the suspense of a situation like in DOOM3 or AvP, or it can make the adrenalin pump that little bit faster as you try to out run the cops like in the Need for Speed games. In short Music is every bit as important as the individual Sound-FX for setting your scene.


MDX 9 – Tutorial 2

Originally Posted 2006

Play sound samples

CRASH, BANG, DING!! that's what we want in our games, noise is a vital part of a players experience, it can be as simple as a dripping in the background for a cave setting, or the sound of a zombie getting its head cut off with a scythe.


MDX 9 – Tutorial 1

Originally Posted 2006

New Project

Ok you've installed the SDK and #Develop, now what?


MDX 9 – Tutorial 0

Originally Posted 2006

What you need to start writting Games...

At the start of both the tutorials I have read on Managed DirectX there is a paragraph on what you need to get before you can start coding, and this is mine.