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Raspberry Pi – GPIO & C# (Part 2)

I've uploaded the second instalment of my rewrite of Matt's "Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python", in this one we finally get to play with some electronics.

I've tried to explain everything for people who haven't done anything like this before. Leave any comments, suggestions or corrections here, and I'll do my best to address them.

Raspberry Pi - GPIO & C# Part 2 - LED On & Off


Raspberry Pi – GPIO & C#

A while back I bought the Raspberry Pi YouTube Workshop Kit from the nice people at ModMyPi. The main thing that put me off it is I HATE PYTHON but not to worry, Microsoft have given us Windows IoT Core. Unfortunately I found the documentation somewhat lacking, so I've written my own.


Raspberry Pi – Patching & Updating

About once a week you should make sure your Pi is up to date and has the latest Patches. This can take a while to do if you've forgotten to do it in a while or it's been a while since you last powered on your Pi.


Raspberry Pi How to – Connect with SSH

Once you have finished your headless install you need a way to do stuff with your Raspberry Pi. Enter the SSH terminal.


Raspberry Pi – Tutorial 0 – Headless install

Installing Raspian OS to a Raspberry Pi without the need of a keyboard & mouse or even a TV/Monitor is called a headless install or Silent install.


Nick Gravelyn makes Pixel Man 2 Open Source

Last night I saw a tweet from @nickgravelyn saying :-


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 6 – Spritesheet object

Using a variable per image is fine when you're looking at the XNA samples, but what happens when you're working on a project with 100+ images? One of my projects has over 3 thousand sprites & textures that's a whole lot of variables to keep track of, so I need something that'll make the job as easy as possible.


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 5 – Manual Blank Texture

Originally posted 2010 - I wanted a way to get around having to include a 5x5 white texture to my content pipeline, and seeing as I use them in every project I start, I looked around and found this code snippet.


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 4 – SpriteBatch Extended

Originally Posted 2010 - A class that inherits from SpriteBatch that will add a method of writing out strings of text with Xbox controller buttons embedded into the text.

I originally got this code from George Clingerman and his post titled "It's a Control Thing (XNA 3.0 BETA)". I had to hack it about and now it's a SpriteBach Extender, So check it out.


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 3 – Input from Keyboard.

Originally posted 2009 - Drawing a single sprite on screen with a variable position, and then moving it with the power of your mind, fingers and keyboard. I've updated things to reflect using VS-2010 and XNA 4.0


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 2 – Sprites

Originally posted 2009 - Drawing a single static sprite on screen, also covered is adding existing files to the content pipeline. I've updated things to reflect using VS-2010 and XNA 4.0


XNA 4.0 – Tutorial 1 – Fonts

Originally posted 2009 - An XNA take on the old “Hello World!” code, nothing too dificult about it but it does cover adding and loading our first bit of content and the first output on screen. I've updated things to reflect using VS-2010 and XNA 4.0