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2015 Starting Over

Well it's been almost three years since I touched base here, and right now I don't have any fixed plans with what I'm going to do this year.

So what have I been upto in the past three years well

  • Wrote 5 games for 1GAM.
  • Moved from Southampton to Leeds.
  • Got fat(er).
  • Bought a Raspberry Pi.
  • Started teaching myself basic electronics.
  • Researched how to build an Aquaponics growing system.
  • Got more interested in growing, cooking & preserving food
  • Quit smoking (sort of still vaping).

What am I planning to do in the next year? Like I said I don't have any fixed plans but at the moment I'd like to get back to writing tutorials and games maybe do something with the RPi. Who knows I might do nothing here and post again in another three years, but until I have something to show I'll try and be a bit more active on twitter and stuff so until then.

Laters ūüôā

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New Year, New Stuff

I know it's almost the end of January but I've been busy doin' stuff ūüôā

New host

I moved the site when I was sent the end of year renewal by my old host three months before it due to be paid. I'd have been fine with it if they sent it 30 maybe even 60 days before but 90 days before it was due? and I was told to pay up within 7 days. They also wanted to charge me for a domain renewal that I didn't buy through them. So much for getting a better service because I paid for it. I've moved over to and will use their free hosting for a few months.  Lets see if they can keep me happy, tall order I know but things seem to be ok at the moment.

New Project

After we put Halloween Defense up for sale on IndieCity we started work on Christmas Defense. Same shtick with a new engine that would support 1280x720 windowed or fullscreen, better character animations, bigger maps, blah, blah, blah... Only thing was IndieCity didn't open for public sales until just before Christmas, and to date we've made one sale on HD. So we scrapped CD, in favour of working on the next version of the Tower Defense engine and not making a seasonally themed game with it.  I've spent the past few weeks working on the editor which compiles the XNA content files & packages the game or runs it for debugging.  I'm almost ready to start working on the more TD specific parts of the editor, I just have the component layout editor and the in game scripting engine to finish and then I can start posting screen shots of the game.

New Work Projects

Don't worry I haven't quit my job, I'm just coming to the end of a project and once I get the UAT out of the way I get to start work on a Proxy¬†Server Project. I love new projects¬†especially¬†when I've done a deal with the Project Manager that I don't have to do any of the documentation ūüėÄ

New Hovel

The wife and I are looking at moving to a new bungalow  just outside Southampton, which is a massive step up from the poky hole we live in at the moment.

All in all 2012 has got off to a great start with all new stuffs, and the¬†promise¬†of more new stuffs ūüôā

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I’m still around.

I'm still here, I've been working on a new series on building a better Game State Manager for PC that I'm hoping to lead into a few tutorials on integrating with the IndieCity Wrapper.


GameSetWatch XBLIG group interview.

Interesting group interview with @BinaryTweedDeej, @MommysBestGames, @XonaGames, @werezombie, @radiangames & Arkedo up on GameSetWatch

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FloatUnion.approxSqrt By Frank Savage

Originally Posted 2009

I was listening to the GDC09 talks and Mr Savage(Development Manager - XNA Tools Team) did his performance talk he mentioned a FloatUnion struct for approximate square root, but I could never find it until now...


New Host, New Sites.

So I quit my old host, I'm taking this as a good time to strip my sites down to just one site. so from now on I'll be reposting some of my old code to this site/feed I'm hoping that I'll post a bit more frequently.

See you all soon.

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