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New Game : Monster Maze

While I was on holiday the other week I started working on a new game that at the moment is called Monster Maze.

I'm writing it in MonoGame, and it'll use the same Game State framework I've been using with our other games.

It's coming along nicely, but I'm still trying to work out some of the details.


Bert Higgins : The Man From H.E.L.L.

I was approached a little while ago by Richard Cobbett regarding the game I helped out on back in 1998. He wanted to cover Bert in he column Saturday Crapshoot on PC, he assures me that it's not just about lynching crap games.


All hail the finished game!

Well almost... The wife and I have been working together on a project for Halloween called "Halloween Defense".

Help save halloween from the pesky kids in this new tower defense game. From the grave yard of the mummy to the forest of the witch, the halloween monsters are here to help vanquish these horrible kids.


Happy Dungeon – Week 2

Continuing my XNA roguelike project into week two, I've had time to decide what I want to produce and how I'm going to do it.


Welcome to the Happy Dungeon

Like a lot of game programmers I suck at art, if you can stand the main character to be solid red, green or blue and for the all the bad guys to be variants on the remaining two colours I'll do the art for your game. I think this is one of the reasons why most game developers feel the need at some point to make a Roguelike, I am not an exception to this rule. So with that I bring you the new revised updated plan version two point oh.


Bert Higgins : Redux Video 2


Bert Higgins : Redux Video 1