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My future in game development.

Sorry I missed last weeks post for Happy Dungeon, I have done Step 3 I just haven't written the post for it yet.

Having said that, I'm not sure about my future with XNA and I'm not the only one. Basically from what I've read because XNA is a wrapper over DiretX 9 Microsoft will not be allowing XNA to have access to the new Metro style interfaces. As a result XNA will only be available as a desktop application. Not a problem on the surface but this means that you can't sell you're XNA game in the new Windows market place. As far as I can tell Microsoft has no intention to move XNA over to DirectX 11.

If XNA has only a limited future on the next windows then I don't think it has a future with me. Now I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do next, as I see it I can move to Unity or give up on windows and make the jump to Linux. After all Visual Studio was the only application keeping me on Windows. I'm stopping all my projects until I decide.

If you have any ideas what Game development platform I should work on next leave a comment, or hit me up on twitter.

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Jonathan Blow talks to CSUA

I was working through the videos on indieconversation on and got pointed at a talk given by Jonathan Blow to UC Berkeley’s Computer Science Undergraduate Association. I've embeded it here so I can find it again later and so you can benefit from it too.

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