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Raspberry Pi – GPIO & C#

A while back I bought the Raspberry Pi YouTube Workshop Kit from the nice people at ModMyPi. The main thing that put me off it is I HATE PYTHON but not to worry, Microsoft have given us Windows IoT Core. Unfortunately I found the documentation somewhat lacking, so I've written my own.

This series is similar to the one produced by Matt from the Raspberry Pi for Beginners YouTube Channel. His series of 10 step by step tutorials videos, take you from creating your very first programme and wiring in LEDs, buttons and buzzers, to more complex component coding with a digital thermometer, light dependent resistor and motion sensor but he uses python. To compliment the YouTube series, ModMyPi put together the YouTube workshop kit which includes all the components necessary to follow the 10 video guide from start to finish.

So using C# and Windows IoT my tutorials build up to gradually construct a large circuit out of all the parts. I'll demonstrate how to wire in multiple components at the same time, to save having to re-wire each project individually, which means you can go as fast or as slow with the tutorials as you want! Perfect for beginners, educators, or anyone interested in experimenting with electronics and the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi - GPIO & C# series starts here & all the C# code will be available for Download from Github

I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by or RaspberryPiIVBeginners

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