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All hail the finished game!

Well almost... The wife and I have been working together on a project for Halloween called "Halloween Defense".

Help save halloween from the pesky kids in this new tower defense game. From the grave yard of the mummy to the forest of the witch, the halloween monsters are here to help vanquish these horrible kids.

The idea being to have it out in time for Halloween, we're almost finished I'm still working out a few bugs and looking to add achievements, and yes this is a PC only build.

It's a tower defense style game based on the Windows Phone 7 open source project ScriptTD. I'll be passing patches back up to ScriptTD just as soon as we release the game, and I have time to write them.

Chris has also put together a promo trailer for you to enjoy...

We'll be making the game available through the IndieCity portal,  just as soon as it opens...

Edit :- We put Halloween Defense out to IndieCity CAP (Community Approval Process)

So just as soon as they stop pulling it apart, It'll be ready and waiting for when IndieCity opens it's doors until then you can check out the Mort8088 Games site

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