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Welcome to the Happy Dungeon

Like a lot of game programmers I suck at art, if you can stand the main character to be solid red, green or blue and for the all the bad guys to be variants on the remaining two colours I'll do the art for your game. I think this is one of the reasons why most game developers feel the need at some point to make a Roguelike, I am not an exception to this rule. So with that I bring you the new revised updated plan version two point oh.

That's right I'm going to make a Roguelike. After doing some researching on the inter-googles, I found How to Write a Roguelike in 15 Steps and that's what I'm going to do. My aim is to complete one step each week and that would make this week...

Step 1 - Decide to write a game

week 1, Step 1 - complete.

Procrastination for the win, well not really. I was already planning lots of features and things that I want my game to do and right now I could spend all my time coming up with things that are really cool but will eventually kill the project because I hit a snag, or I just spend all my time planning.

I want to finish this project. I don't care if it's the next most awesome thing with all the addictiveness of crack coated kittens. I want to finish writing a game and have people play it and tell me it's sh!t. Nobody has had the opportunity to tell me I suck at making games because I never finish.

On week 15 I want someone to be able to tell me they tried "Happy Dungeon" and they have an opinion about it.

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