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Nick Gravelyn makes Pixel Man 2 Open Source

Last night I saw a tweet from @nickgravelyn saying :-


In his post Nick says :-

Pixel Man 2 started off as a little labor of love. It was a simple game that I enjoyed quite a bit. Eventually, though, working on the game stopped being all that fun to me. I don’t know for sure what caused it, but at some point I knew I was unlikely to finish it.

Rather that do what most of us would do which is to put it to one side and say "I'll finish it one day" Nick made the entire project Open to the community.  I've had a chance to read over the code and there are some awesome bit's in it & a bloody fun game 🙂

The most interesting part so far for me is the 3D font rendering. But you'll also find a nice solution for storing settings, coding for PC & Xbox customizable inputs, everything you need in a full game.

Once again nick giving more awesome back to the community, so head on over to Bitbucket and grab the code you'll learn allot.

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  1. Hey Dave, I really enjoy your site. I’ve been fooling with XNA and am really enjoying programming once again. I came across your SpriteSheet editor and really, really like what it can do. However, it’s not working for me in Windows 7 x64. The windows that are supposed to render the animations and sprites don’t render anything. I assume this has to do with the Vortex lib, but after jacking with it a bit, I’ve gotten nowhere. Any thoughts or suggestions on getting it to work?

    Chris – Skurry67/GuitboxGeek

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